Dail Sail

Embrace the warm tropical breeze while sailing to one of Puerto Rico’s unspoiled islands off the coast of Fajardo. Wander the white sandy beaches, slip on a pair of fins and discover a colorful world of tropical fish in the crystal clear Caribbean waters with snorkeling gear, refreshments and deli lunch provided by our friendly bilingual crew.

Take a day sail all around the beautiful small islands of Puerto Rico, witnessing breathtaking scenery, lush flora, and diverse wildlife. Our Puerto Rico snorkeling tours take you to the most stunning islands aboard our catamaran, including the famous Cayo Icacos.

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Sunset Sail

Our Puerto Rico sunset sails are a unique and fun way to experience the island. Departing from Fajardo, the sunset catamaran cruise takes you on a relaxing sail for a stunning view of the sea as the sun goes down, painting beautiful colors across the sky. Sip on a complimentary Painkiller cocktail and watch the sun set over the gorgeous island while you sit back and relax on deck. Snack on cheese and crackers, as well as assorted canapés and drinks throughout the trip. The gentle Caribbean breeze and breathtaking local landscapes and sights make this cruise feel like a dream come true.


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The Islands

If you’re visiting Puerto Rico you MUST experience the islands off the coast of Fajardo. Here’s where we’ll be going.

Isla de Palominos
Located some 3.5 nautical miles east of Fajardo, it has a size of approximately 104 acres. It is one of a few private islands that exist throughout Puerto Rico. Part of the island is on lease to El Conquistador Hotel to be used as the hotel’s beach. About a quarter mile south of Palominos island lies Cayo Palominitos, which is a one-acre sandy key with tropical vegetation perfect for swimming or snorkeling.

Isla de Lobos
Located some 1.5 nautical miles east of Cayo Icacos, it has a size of approximately five acres. It is also one of a few private islands that exist throughout Puerto Rico. In the early ’60s, the island hosted a very exclusive hotel, which ran into financial difficulties and was abandoned for a great part of the ’70s and ’80s until it was bought by a local family and converted into a paradise vacation home. Surrounded by small keys and coral reefs, it is great for snorkeling.

Cayo Icacos
Located some four nautical miles northeast of Fajardo, it has a size of approximately 163 acres. It is part of a chain of small islands, keys, and coral reefs known as La Reserva Natural de la Cordillera. The island is host to a fairly large amount of marine life, coral reefs, birds, and land iguanas. It is the perfect setting for snorkeling, swimming, diving, and beachcombing. It gets its name from the large amount of icacos bushes found on the island. The icacos is a small sour fruit, which grows to about the size of a key lime. When ready to be picked, they are pale yellow in color and come off the bush quite easily. The best way to eat them is cooked in heavy syrup.