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New COVID-19 Health & Safety Guidelines

The Salty Dog has responded to the current COVID-19 pandemic by implementing safe workplace practices that will help ensure that our sailing and snorkeling activities be conducted as safely as possible for both our guests and our staff while continuing to uphold boating safety standards. We know these practices can be uncomfortable and cumbersome but we have implemented them with our best intention to keep everyone safe, have our catamaran open, and be able to continue to provide the great customer service that we are known for.

Beginning December 27th, the newly appointed executive order requires our establishment to request proof of vaccinations from all of our guests upon arrival. A completed Vaccination Card or Negative Test Result from 48 hours prior (one of the two are required in order to take part in the trip) along with ID are required upon check in.

Specific processes are defined below, but all staff and guests should practice:

Capacity of Boat: The Salty Dog is a 46’ vessel with a sea ladder and a big comfortable seating bench area. Our boat’s US Coast Guard certified to carry 48 guests. We are now operating at our 100% capacity.

Clean: Clean and disinfect any shared surfaces or equipment and wash hands frequently.
Distancing: Practice current social distancing recommendations (min of 6ft).

Food and Drink Service: All snacks and lunches will be pre-packed (No buffet)

Cover: Cover mouth and nose with a face-covering anytime social distancing might be difficult to maintain. The use of gloves or eyewear/eye protection is at the discretion of the individual.

– Our boat will have a hand sanitizer station located on the dock at boat entrance. All guests MUST use hand sanitizer prior to boarding the boat. As well, – onboard there is hand sanitizer available for use anytime.

– During this trying time of COVID-19, we remind our guests that we follow CDC Guidelines and ask that if you are unable to maintain a minimum of six feet of separation that you please comply with the guidelines and wear a protective face covering or breathing masks. Should you require, The Salty Dog will have breathing masks available at check-in.

Staff Safety: Staff temperature is taken daily by The Salty Dog management. Staff members found to have elevated temperature (100.4 degrees or greater will not be permitted to participate). Staff members showing any symptoms related to COVID19 will be sent home immediately and are required to get tested.

– The Salty Dog staff are required to wear a face mask at all times, except while participating in activities in the water. Staff is required to comply with CDC Guidelines, they will maintain social distancing and they will wash their hands frequently throughout the day.

Common Areas Cleaning: Staff will disinfect all touchpoint surfaces each morning and each afternoon. Bathrooms will be cleaned and disinfected every 30 minutes by an assigned staff member.

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